New York State Volunteer Firefighter’s Bowling Association, Inc.


Established in 1957 the Association’s mission is to promote volunteer firefighter

 camaraderie through the sport of bowling by sponsoring an annual tournament for

 them to participate in.


Moving into the twenty-first century the mission statement has been redefined to

 include bowling enthusiasts in other organizations thereby creating a mix of

 participants who have a common thread, the love of the sport.


As the sport of bowling grows the association will take a careful look and if needed will

adjust its mission statement accordingly so all those who love the sport will participate

 in the annual tournament and enjoy the camaraderie that the volunteer firefighters

 have enjoyed for many years.


Applications for the 2015, 58th Annual Tournament are now available.

Hotels and lodging are now listed

Click on the Tournament Information Tab/Up Coming Tournament

Tournament Applications or Hotels and Inns


Message from the President:

Welcome to all our returning bowlers and to those who are joining us for the first time a

very special welcome to the 58th Annual New York State Volunteer Firefighters Bowling

Association Tournament. I have only had the privilege and honor to be President for a few

months but I am looking forward to working with my Directors and you the bowlers to

continue to make our tournament one, if not, the premiere tournament of the season. In

that regards, I need all long term and new bowlers to pass the word to other bowling

enthusiasts that our tournament is one of the least expensive and has a 100% prize fund

return, most importantly, the camaraderie among participants is priceless. So if you are

reading this message you are already on the site, click on the registration tab and

download an application today. There are still times and squads available to meet your

needs. Midway lanes of Vestal, NY and OL. Davis Fire Company of Endwell, NY, the host

company, promise a great time will be had by all. Hope to see old friends and new faces in


Good luck and Good Bowling,

John Roberts


Message from the Tournament Manager:

The summer went by to fast, as always I just closed the books on the 57th tournament and

the 58th is just around the corner. Applications are coming in so if you haven’t already

download one and get it to me. To remind captains, make sure the names on the

applications are legible and your address is clear. Use the names listed with USBC no

nicknames please. It is for average verification and everybody wants their correct average.

When you check in please have your entry number it will make check in much easier for

all. Looking forward to seeing old friends but like making new ones and our tournament is

the perfect place to do that. Stop by the check in desk to say hi.

May all your scores be high and the sheet filled with nothing but X’s

Jack Tobey

Tournament Manager


Important Notice

Please use tab – Administrative Information/News for Bowlers

For an important announcement


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