New York State Volunteer Firefighter’s Bowling Association, Inc.


Established in 1957 the Association’s mission is to promote volunteer firefighter

 camaraderie through the sport of bowling by sponsoring an annual tournament for

 them to participate in.


Moving into the twenty-first century the mission statement has been redefined to

 include bowling enthusiasts in other organizations thereby creating a mix of

 participants who have a common thread, the love of the sport.


As the sport of bowling grows the association will take a careful look and if needed will

adjust its mission statement accordingly so all those who love the sport will participate

 in the annual tournament and enjoy the camaraderie that the volunteer firefighters

 have enjoyed for many years.


   The summer months are upon us. If you have joined a summer league,

good luck and good bowling. If not, pack your equipment away and enjoy

until September when winter leagues start.

   The 57th annual tournament is now a fond memory. The books are

closed, prize money has been distributed. It is time to rest up before

beginning work on the 58th 2015, Midway Lanes Vestal, NY

   The Association wishes to thank you for your participation in past and

future tournaments.

   The site will be taking a short breather. Check back in a few weeks for

updates and information.


Important Notice

Please use tab – Administrative Information/News for Bowlers

For an important announcment




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