New York State Volunteer Firefighter’s Bowling Association, Inc.


Established in 1957 the Association’s mission is to promote volunteer firefighter

 camaraderie through the sport of bowling by sponsoring an annual tournament for

 them to participate in.


Moving into the twenty-first century the mission statement has been redefined to

 include bowling enthusiasts in other organizations thereby creating a mix of

 participants who have a common thread, the love of the sport.


As the sport of bowling grows the association will take a careful look and if needed will

adjust its mission statement accordingly so all those who love the sport will participate

 in the annual tournament and enjoy the camaraderie that the volunteer firefighters

 have enjoyed for many years.



The dates for next seasons tournament posted in the 58th booklet and used for the

reservations are incorrect. The tournament will begin on April 22nd and complete on May

8th. If you have made reservations please adjust the weekend dates accordingly

If you have made reservations and are not sure of your dates and times,

Please either call or email the tournament manager as soon as possible.


Tournament is right around the corner. The reservation period has passed

Time to get your applications in. Don’t miss out on the dates and times you reserved,

squads are filling fast.


Bowlers Please Read This Important Notice

Beginning with the 2017 tournament season the NYS VF BA

will no longer be holding the tournament over a three

weekend period, instead it has dropped it down to two

weekends, which will be the third and fourth weekends of

April. The decision by the association members to do this

was a hard one to make but it was the only one which will

keep the association viable and continue to be able to

sponsor future tournaments.

The Association looks forward to your continued support

and participation.




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