New York State Volunteer Firefighter’s Bowling Association, Inc.

 Established in 1957 the Association’s mission is to promote volunteer firefighter camaraderie through the sport of bowling by sponsoring an annual tournament for them to participate in.

Moving into the twenty-first century the mission statement has been redefined to include bowling enthusiasts in other organizations thereby creating a mix of participants who have a common thread, the love of the sport.

As the sport of bowling grows the association will take a careful look and if needed will adjust its mission statement accordingly so all those who love the sport will participate in the annual tournament and enjoy the camaraderie that the volunteer firefighters have enjoyed for many years.

The New York State

Volunteer Firefighter’s

Bowling Association, Inc.

is the proud sponsor of

The 61st Annual Volunteer Firefighter’s & Friends

NYS Championship & Handicap Tournament
USBC Certified 05843

Hosted by:

The Stanford Heights FD

Held at:

Boulevard Bowl, Schenectady, NY



Teams with prior reservations please note: Applications must be received by February 1, 2018 to hold the reserved date, time and squad. If not received by due date then the tournament manager has the right to schedule another application in the reserved time slot. If not done already, those with prior reservations, please download and submit application. 







The deadline for those with reservations is fast approaching. If not done already, download and submit an application. If there is a problem, contact the tournament manager.
Don’t lose the date, time and squad you have reserved. Squads are filling fast and your reserved time might be what another applicant may want.