New York State Volunteer Firefighter’s Bowling Association, Inc.

is the proud sponsor of the:

 Annual Volunteer Firefighters & Friends

NYS Championship & Handicap Tournament
USBC Certified 


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Registration Information

The information posted below is for the  201 tournament.



(First) April , 201Squad 1Doubles/Singles6:00 pm / Squad 2Doubles/Singles9:15 pm

(Second) April , 201Squad 11 Closed Out / Squad 12Doubles/Singles9:15 pm


(First) April , 201 Squad 3Doubles/Singles8:30 am

Squad 4Team11:00 am

Squad 5Doubles/Singles 2:00 pm

Squad 6Team5:30 pm

Squad 7 Doubles/Singles8:30 pm


(Second) April , 201 – Squad 13 – Doubles/Singles – 8:30 am

Squad 14Team Closed Out

Squad 15Doubles/Singles 2:00 pm

Squad 16Team5:30 pm

Squad 17Doubles/Singles8:30 pm


(First) April , 201Squad 8Doubles/Singles8:30 am

Squad 9Team11:00 am

Squad 10Doubles/Singles2:00 pm

(Second) April , 201 – Squad 18 – Doubles/Singles – 8:30 am

Squad 19Team11:00 am

Squad 20Doubles/Singles 2:00 pm

(Check back on a regular basis for squad availability)



Entry Fees (Includes: Prize Fund, Cost of Bowling & Tournament Expense)
Fee Structure

Team $115.00 ($28.75 per bowler)
Doubles $50.00 pair ($25.00 each)
Singles $27.50 (each)
All Event $ 18.75 (each)

$100.00 Per Bowler if Bowling – Team, Doubles & Singles – Fee Includes All Event
$52.50 Per Bowler if Bowling Doubles/Singles Only ($105.00 for pair) Will Not Be Eligible For All Event 
$400.00 Per Application for a (Four Bowler) Bowling Team, Doubles & Singles – Fee Includes All Event


Please Type or Print names as listed with USBC – no nicknames

Mail applications with all fees to

Remittance must be in the form of check or money order.
In Addition; It is requested all fees accompany applications to make the bookkeeping easier. Thank you.

Payable To: NYS Vol. Firefighter’s Tournament
**Not responsible for cash if included with application

Tournament Application

201 Application – Front

201 Application – Back

Please print out both front and back
Ignorance of the rules is no excuse 

It is requested that all fees accompany applications, this will make the bookkeeping easier. Thank you.





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