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The 2020 tournament application is now available

Before filling out the application understand the average requirements. No surprises

1] Average is based on the 2018-2019 winter league season, 21 game minimum
      A] Averages based on prior seasons of 2018-2019 are not used
      B] Averages based on summer leagues are not used
2] If bowled in multiple leagues in the 2018-2019 winter league season then the following is used:
      A] Highest average after the 21 game minimum is used regardless of lower average with more games
      B] Composite averages are not used
3] If average submitted is for the 2019-2020 season a league standing sheet showing average with a 21 game minimum must be presented
4] If bowler has no average listed for the 2018-2019 season then average of 220 is given
      A] If USBC average data base shows average listed is from prior seasons other then 2018-2019 then a 220 average will be given
      B] If USBC average data base shows average listed is based on less then the 21 game minimum then a 220 average will be given

All averages are verified through the USBC average data base
Any bowler who knowingly submits a falsified average will be disqualified
Any captain listed on application who knowingly verifies a bowlers falsified average
Entire team will be disqualified

What to look for in filling out applications

There will be four links to use

The first is the fill in version. Place the information in the shaded areas and print out the final application

The second is the sample version of the application filled out. Note the format when requesting date and time

The third is a blank application, print this out if extra copies are needed. If information is printed please make it legible

The fourth is the back page of the application. It has the rules governing the tournament, ignorance of the rules is no excuse

It is requested that all fees accompany the application when it is mailed. If this is done there will be less confusion at check in 

In addition, please do not write any information, other than date and time request, on the upper part of the application. The blank area is for official use. 

Please note: Due to some difficulties in distributing last  seasons prize fund, it is requested that the names used on applications are the same names used on the USBC sanction card.


If it is William on your sanction card it is NOT Bill on the application. If it is Sr. or Jr. on your sanction card please indicate that on the application. In addition, if your name is gender neutral, Such as Pat or Chris but your sanction card says Patrick or Christine please indicate same on application. 

If you are listed on an application as captain
As captain you are responsible for the bowlers on the application.
If any of them place in the money their winnings will be mailed to you to distribute.

Following the above recommendation will allow those bowlers who have placed to receive their prize fund
in a timely manner 

The Association thanks you in advance for your cooperation in this matter 












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Note: The web administrator cannot answer specific questions concerning tournament fee’s, dates, times or squads.
In addition, answers are not available for information concerning reservations that have been made
Contact your area director or the tournament manager for those and other specific answers
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